Nurse's Clinical Decision Making - Online Course


This course introduces clinical reasoning strategies and effective “thinking habits.” These skills will help learners to make accurate clinical judgments and decisions and implement appropriate nursing actions. Learners will have the opportunity to use skills learned in this course to solve clinical cases and judge their diagnostic accuracy using research-based scales.

Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss the impact of nurses' clinical reasoning, judgment, and decision making on patient outcomes and safety.
  • Compare the concepts of clinical reasoning, critical thinking, clinical judgment, and clinical decision making.
  • Define specific critical thinking skills and processes to use when caring for patients.
  • Apply the Developing Nurses' Thinking (DNT) model to determine the most accurate patient problem and nursing actions.
  • Describe the importance of identifying priority patient needs.

About the Authors

Mary Tesoro, DNS, RN-BC

Dr. Mary Tesoro is a nurse educator and leader with greater than 30 years' experience in academia and acute care. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Nursing at Lehman College in Bronx, New York.

Dr. Tesoro's research/practice interests are nurses' decision making and implementation of basic nursing care to improve patient outcomes. She developed and tested a cognitive model, the Developing Nurses' Thinking (DNT) model, in her doctoral work. The DNT model is used in the undergraduate curriculum to help students to develop effective thinking habits to help solve clinical problems. The testing of the DNT model continues, and it has been successfully translated and tested in nursing students in Brazil.

Anita Collins, PhD, RN, RM

Dr. Anita Collins is a Training Specialist at the Human Resources for Health, Rwanda and Rory Meyer's College of Nursing, New York University, since 2014. Prior to this she was National Head of Fortis Nursing Institutions, India. She served in the Indian Military Nursing Services till the rank of Major. She has a Master's in CVTS Nursing and PhD in Nursing Education. She is a recipient of the Unique Contribution Award, NANDA-I, 2016.

Dr. Collins has taught on nurses' decision making for several years. She has conducted several workshops at national levels, presented papers in International forums and published articles in peer reviewed journals related to the topic.

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