Nurse Educator Mentorship Program - Online Course


A comprehensive online course that helps schools of nursing engage in a systematic process to guide the development of a mentorship program that is evidence-informed and responsive to the needs of faculty members within their specific academic setting. It is designed to enable schools of nursing to develop, implement, evaluate, and sustain a mentorship program that meets their needs and reflects their values, style, and culture.

Module 1 Overview of Mentorship

The importance of mentoring and the necessity of mentoring programs is reviewed in this overview module. It introduces the program agenda and its components.

Module 2 Looking Out

This module includes three components to help assess variables affecting mentoring and programs. First, there is an overview of different models of mentorship; second, publications are highlighted that describe evidence-informed mentorship programs; last, insightful tips aid in completing the external contextual scan and gathering information on demographics and dominant cultures.

Module 3 Looking In

Looking In provides guidance to assist in defining internal contextual factors including various driving forces or major influences that may affect the institution. These are informative and help guide the development or selection of a mentorship program that is relevant and sustainable.

Module 4 Making It Happen

Making It Happen walks the participant through all the necessary details of implementation to make each program successful. It includes the program launch, sustainability strategies, key project elements, relationship strategies, and the overall understanding of the project.

Module 5 Is It Working?

Providing various evaluation and assessment tools, Module 5 helps illustrate progress and promote development to make it easier to establish long term goals and determine the success of a mentorship program.

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