The Shocking Truth Regarding Job-Related Problems Prior to Nurse Suicide - Online Course

This webinar is a part of Sigma's Casualties of Caring: Nurse Suicide Awareness Series

Part 1 of Sigma's Casualties of Caring: Nurse Suicide Awareness Series

We have known for several years that nurses are at higher risk of suicide than the general population and that nurses have more job-related problems recorded prior to death by suicide. What we have now learned about those job-related problems is troublesome at best with implications for clinicians, educators, risk managers, hospital executives, and all leaders in healthcare. This panel will describe the issues and implications for education, advocacy and policy change necessary to right the wrongs leading to death by suicide amongst nurses. This webinar is a part of Sigma's Casualties of Caring: Nurse Suicide Awareness Series.

Course Learning Outcomes:

After participating in this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify major issues stemming from the workplace that lead to death by suicide.
  • Identify institutional, professional, and individual actions that can be taken to reduce risk.
  • Identify institutional, professional, and individual actions that can be taken to reduce risk.
  • Describe the flaws in the current system that encourage stigma against nurses with substance use disorder and mental health issues

Course Outline:

  1. About this Course
  2. Course Content
  3. a. Includes the learning outcomes and webinar video
  4. Post-content questions

Speaker Bios:

Cadie Ayers, MSN, PHA

Cadie Ayers is a Health Systems Specialist with 14 years of experience working within numerous hospital facilities. Cadie currently has assumed the lead as operations management, business process coordination data analysis, reporting for Patient Care Services, and also serves as an executive level administrative advisor. Cadie's current passion is to shed light on the inappropriate disciplinary actions, along with the consequences, that the Board of Nursing has been serving to countless Nurses. Cadie's inspiration to keep persevering is her son. In her free time, Cadie likes to ride and compete in Eventing.

Marie Manthey, PhD, RN

The founder and president emeritus of CHCM, Marie has long been motivated by one burning passion: focus on the patient relationship and its potential for healing. She earned her BSN and MS in Nursing Administration from the University of Minnesota, where she remains adjunct faculty. Her academic background makes her comfortable working with theories, but her great strength is bringing new ideas into reality in a way that is universally applicable. Marie's life work started in one unit at the University of Minnesota and is now recognized and sought after world-wide. Her ability to describe key clinical practices in universal terms connects with health care executives, but she speaks about practice in a way clinicians can identify with-they get her, and she gets them. When Marie uses inspirational language, they accept it and feel inspired-their own passion for the work re-kindled, their flames burning as bright as Marie's.

Amanda Choflet, DNP, RN

Dr. Choflet is an Assistant Professor of Nursing and the Leadership Concentration Chair at San Diego State University. Currently, Dr. Choflet's primary research focus is substance use, mental health, and health improvement strategies for the healthcare workforce and patients. Dr. Choflet received grant funding for her evidence-based practice work in substance use from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the Centers for Disease Control and is an active volunteer for several community-focused organizations.

Judy Davidson, DNP, RN

Judy Davidson serves as a nurse scientist for the University of California San Diego. Her research focuses on workplace wellness and clinician suicide. Dr. Davidson was instrumental in forming the first nurse suicide prevention program in the country that has been successfully operating for 5 years.
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