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Toxic Nursing: Managing Bullying, Bad Attitudes and Total Turmoil

Toxic Nursing: Managing Bullying, Bad Attitudes and Total Turmoil by Cheryl Dellasega and Rebecca Volpe was awarded first place by The American Journal of Nursing in the categories of Nursing Management and Leadership and Medical-Surgical Nursing for 2013.

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Nurse bullying: We know it exists, so how do we address it, how do we manage it, and how do we resolve it? Toxic Nursing is a much needed follow-up to the highly praised When Nurses Hurt Nurses (Sigma Theta Tau International, 2011); this book explores why nurses can be so mean to each other and how this behavior affects the workplace and patient safety.

Bullying among nurses can drain the staff’s energy and productivity and often-times leads to nurses wanting to leave the profession. Author’s Cheryl Dellasega and Rebecca Volpe offer readers numerous concrete strategies and real tools and techniques for nurse leaders, managers, and administrator to turn around toxic workplaces, defuse conflict, and create positive work environments.

About the Authors

Cheryl Dellasega, PhD, RN, CRNP, author of When Nurses Hurt Nurses (Sigma Theta Tau International, 2011) Mean Girls Grown Up (Wiley, 2005), Girl Wars (Simon & Schuster, 2003), and Surviving Ophelia (Perseus, 2001), is a professor of humanities in the College of Medicine and professor of women’s studies at The Pennsylvania State University. As the founder of Club and Camp Ophelia, she has helped girls confront and overcome relational aggression. She has worked clinically as a nurse practitioner and is an international expert on family relationships.

Rebecca L. Volpe, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Department of Humanities at the Pennsylvania State College of Medicine, as well as the coordinator of the Clinical Ethics Consultation Service for the Penn State Hershey Medical Center. Dr. Volpe earned her PhD from Saint Louis University’s Center for Health Care Ethics and then went on to complete a Clinical Ethics Fellowship at California Pacific Medical Center.