Vietnam Nurses DVD

They knew where they were going, but they had no idea what they were going to. In this 60-minute documentary DVD, for the first time Vietnam nurses reveal the horrors they witnessed, the care they provided and the emotional scars they earned as nurses in Vietnam.
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WE tv, the only cable network dedicated to helping women connect to one another and the world around them, aired the premier of Vietnam Nurses with Dana Delany in August 2006. This documentary DVD is about the young American nurses sent halfway around the world to serve in horrific and dangerous conditions. Delany, who played Army nurse Colleen McMurphy on ABC-TVs China Beach, narrates the documentary. The documentary DVD is based on a research study by Margaret Carson, RN, PhD. Dr. Carson interviewed 172 nurses who served in Vietnam. Some of those nurses are featured in the documentary. In her research, Dr. Carson uncovered an immense reservoir of buried pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. The DVD shows how nurses who served in Vietnam signed up under an economic draft in which the military paid for nursing school or continuing education in exchange for enlisting. Recruiters told the nurses they would not be called to Vietnam. But after the Tet Offensive, the Army called up all nurses on active duty. The nurses were totally unprepared for what they would see and experience. Literally thrown into the role, often under fire and always in danger, these young women saved the lives of tens of thousands of soldiers and comforted thousands more who died from their wounds. *In lieu of offering the standard member and partner discounts, the Honor Society of Nursing and Nursing Knowledge International will donate a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the DVD to The Vietnam Women's Memorial. Thank you for your support!
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