Co-Design Research in the Pacific: Part One - Online Course

This webinar will share the work done that has identified several aspects which, if improved, could contribute significantly to the effectiveness of research and healthcare in the Pacific region.

This webinar will share the work done that has identified several aspects which, if improved, could contribute significantly to the effectiveness of research and healthcare in the Pacific region. This research carry's out an examination of leadership in nursing and midwifery in the Pacific. This is divided into two parts: firstly, it develops a methodology to effect good research in the Pacific, and secondly describes the research itself into leadership in nursing in the Pacific.

This course will retire after 17th February 2025.

Learning Outcomes:
After participating in this course, learners will be able to:

  • Identify and develop a suitable methodology for conducting research in collectivist cultures; to investigate how leadership in nursing and midwifery contributes to healthcare in a global setting, and contextualize this for the Pacific region
  • Identify the barriers and enablers to maximizing the nursing and midwifery contribution to healthcare; Co-design research in action-stakeholders analysis and engagement strategies, advocacy, and strategic communication

Speaker Bios:

Michele Rumsey, RN, FANC

Michele Rumsey is an experienced international health care adviser and policy expert with health professional expertise in human resources for health, health system strengthening, capacity development, stakeholder participation and regulation in Western Pacific, South East Asian Region and Europe. Michele has particular expertise in providing monitoring and evaluation, research, and consulting services in the above areas, as well as co-designing capacity development activities targeting health system strengthening through leadership capacity, curriculum development and faculty development.

In her current role, Michele was assigned to establish a WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing, Midwifery and Health Development, (WHO CC), the first Nursing and Midwifery WHO Collaborating Centre in the South Pacific, Australia, and New Zealand. Under Michele's leadership as Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre, UTS, the Centre has carried out 60 projects in 25 countries and coordinated projects to the value of over $28 Million. With a goal to improve population health within the region through collaboration and partnership in human resource for health, leadership capacity building projects. A core aspect of this work is building regional and global partnerships and facilitating and attending numerous regional meetings including WHO Western Pacific Region Human Resources for Health (HRH) strategy, WHO Pacific Human Resources for Health Alliance, WHO Summit for Human Resources for Health, Strategic Planning, Pandemic Preparedness, and Leadership within the Western Pacific Region.

The WHO CC also carries out the role of Secretariat for the South Pacific Chief Nursing, Midwifery Officers Alliance (SPCNMOA). This partnership requires a range of skills including consultations, regional strategic planning, networking, negotiation, project management and the delivery of papers and presentations. Michele was awarded a UTS human rights award - social inclusion 2014 for her work in the South Pacific.

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