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Etiquette & Communication Strategies for Nurses, Third Edition

Far from just raising pinkie fingers and spooning soup, today’s etiquette includes everything from effective networking to appropriate social media engagement to the perfect, polished look. For new graduates and seasoned nurses alike, mastery of modern etiquette is critical to personal and professional success.

From $34.95

What to Do When Nurses Hurt Nurses, Second Edition

Understanding and resolving relational aggression and bullying in nursing.

From $39.95

Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice: Implementation and Translation

In a follow-up to the 2007 best-selling book, Johns Hopkins Nursing Evidence-Based Practice Model and Guidelines, the authors continue to expand upon the Johns Hopkins Nursing EBP model.

From $19.99

Cultural Sensibility in Healthcare

Today’s diverse healthcare landscape presents providers and patients alike with cultural experiences, challenges, and barriers.

From $34.95

Illuminating Florence

Nearly 100 years ago Florence Nightingale’s voice, vision, and values came to life. Born May 12, 1820 she was named after the city of her birth, Villa La Columbia in Florence, Italy. Through Florence’s journey she became a leader in nursing.

$19.95 excluding shipping

The Nurse's Social Media Advantage

Social media has reached into every profession - and nursing is no exception. Almost daily, new research and publishing methods emerge.

From $12.99