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Transforming Interprofessional Partnerships

This comprehensive text will benefit nurses by defining and illustrating full partnership in practice, education and research to improve communication and interprofessional collaboration.

From $54.95

Anatomy of Research for Nurses

Like the parts of a body, research systems interact and support each other. From clinical nurses testing a new protocol to nurse researchers at a university, professionals and students are now expected to understand the fundamentals of research.

From $44.95

The Nerdy Nurse's Guide to Technology

In the world of smartphones and tablets, technology is no longer for the “tech geek.” It is the new norm. And is there an app for that? Yes! Some 17,000 apps are available for patients and health care providers alike.
From $34.95

Mentoring Today’s Nurses: A Global Perspective for Success

Mentoring and coaching are critical components of professional success for nursing students. But how can faculty members combat low retention rates when student populations are more globally diverse than ever?

From $39.95

Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job

Nurses, are you where you want to be in your nursing career? Whether you are a new nurse, mid-career, or approaching retirement, if you are struggling to find your ideal job and are frustrated with the online job search process, Landing Your Perfect Nursing Job is the book for you.

From $34.95

Take Charge of Your Nursing Career

Trying to decide what’s next for you in nursing? Are you in the middle of your nursing career or just getting started? Take Charge of Your Nursing Career is a book for nurses at all stages.

From $24.95