Knowledge, Innovations, & Performance Improvement - Online Course


Creating a culture of continuous improvement can be a valuable means of demonstrating excellence and creating stability in any practice setting. This course will discuss performance improvement initiatives, effective communication techniques, project management, and strategic planning.

Course Objectives

  • Summarize essential elements of a performance improvement program.
  • Discriminate between types of root cause analysis.
  • Relate at least two benefits achieved when an incident reporting system is employed.
  • Interpret outcomes of care delivery data.
  • Describe the attributes of effective communication.
  • Discuss interdepartmental/interprofessional communication.
  • Discuss intradepartmental/intraprofessional communication in nursing.
  • Identify the primary knowledge areas of Project Management.
  • Describe the pitfalls that commonly serve as barriers to effective project management.
  • Distinguish between the different types of reports and analytics that play a key role in project management.
  • Describe the benefits of a strong Super User program for project initiatives.
  • Differentiate the tools needed to track various components of the project for training, resources, support calls, etc.
  • Explain the strategic planning process and its various components.
  • Discuss the application of a strategic plan in a practice setting using case study methodology.
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