Transformational Leadership - Online Course


Transformational Leadership in Nurse Leaders: Delivering Excellence, incorporates the four attributes of transformational leadership and explores the five practices of exemplary leadership as outlined by Kouzes and Posner (2012) to optimize nurse leader behavior characteristics and enhance organizational culture.

What's in it for me?

With hospitals now being reimbursed for quality performance, nurse leaders need to ensure their staff has the resources to deliver exceptional patient care, are communicating effectively, engaged, and have the opportunity for professional growth. Currently, nurse leader development is lacking in providing nurse leaders the education they need to truly transform their unit/organization. Hospitals are providing nurse leader development opportunities to discuss poor performance indicators with action plans to increase reimbursement, but not offering education on how to get the full cooperation from staff, which is vital in success of the leader, and the organization.

Course Outcomes

  • Identify the traits of a transformational leader
  • Explain the benefits of transformational leadership in nursing leadership
  • Discuss the benefits of transformational leadership on an organizational level
  • Analyze the relationship between transformational leadership and LEAN organizational culture

About the Author

Ashley M. Singh, DNPc, MSN, RN, is a nursing instructor at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she teaches Leadership and Management, and Critical Care Nursing. Recently Ashley has published an article in Critical Care Nursing Quarterly: Thromboembolic Crises, titled Special Circumstances and Populations. Currently, she is enrolled in a Doctor of Nursing Practice program at Carlow University, with a focus on Transformational Leadership. Ashley's expected graduation is in May 2019.
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